Ancient Greece Biographical Sketch

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to conduct research about a person or diety from Ancient Greece and produce a biographical sketch about that person. This will prove to me that you are able to find accurate information on the web AND synthasize that information.

Task: I will list the steps that you will need to follow to complete this assignment. Please make sure that you follow them exactly as they are listed. If, at any time, you are confused or have questions please let me know at once. You will be writing a biographical sketch in the form of a SONG, RAP, or POEM. You will read or perform your sketch in front of the class.

Step 1, Make a Decision: Select a person from the following list to use as the subject of this sketch. I have included at least one link for each of the people that I am suggesting. This is simply to get you started. You MAY choose to research and write about someone who is not on my list; however, you will have to have that person approved by me in advance.


Step 2, Research: At this point, you should begin to look for even more information about your subject. You may use books (from the library or my classroom) as well as any website that is appropriate. If you are not sure if the website is appropriate, you should ask me to review it. It is a good idea to take notes on a seperate piece of paper and break information down into small pieces. This will make things easier for you when you reach step three. Here are a few 'general' websites that you may look at to find more information:

Step 3, Brainstorm: Organize your notes and break your information down to small bits of information. It is helpful if you use a blank piece of paper and make a bulleted list. You should narrow the list down to the 20-25 most important things that you learned about the person.
Example: I made the following list of details about the rapper Jay-Z. This purpose of this list is to organize the information in a manner which will allow you to write about the person in your own (creative) words.
Sean Carter, Brooklyn, Roc-a-fella, hard-hitting lyrics and rhymes, Lil Kim, Notorious BIG, writer, producer, businessman, Hard Knock Life, Hip Hop, Hustler, HOVA, Jiggaman, Beyonce, Money, Crazy in Love, Madison Square Garden,

Notice: I tried to narrow the information down into small pieces!

Step 4, Rough Draft: Using the information you wrote down, write the first draft of your rap, song, or poem.

Step 5: Peer Review: Once you have written your rough draft, and reviewed it yourself, have at least on friend or classmate read it give suggestions or find mistakes. This step cannot be over-looked!

Step 6: Final Copy: Using the suggestions of your classmates, write your final copy.

Step 7: Performance: You may chose to produce a video of your performance, or perform it live for the class.


Example :

By: Mr. Winand
From Brooklyn, New York everyone knows his name Jiggaman “HOVA” is ahead of the GAME. His friends are all rappers named Biggie and Kim, his girl named Beyonce is prettier than him. He’s a funny looking guy with a girl so fine if he had no money he’d be at the back of the line. He can write, he can rap, he can produce others tracks, with hard-hitting lyrics he’s surely a Mack.

Madison Square Garden is where he calls home, but his music can be heard on many ring tones. He’s a hustla’ baby, that’s what it’s about! You better be scared or he’ll knock you right out. A hard knock life, in the past, he’s now crazy in love, dressed in his suit he’s a real classy thug…

When it comes to hot rhymes he rules with no doubt, he’s the king of five boroughs and the ‘apple’ he’ll bounce!

Note: This is just an example. I expect your character sketch to be longer than this one. Be creative! Make sure that you write something that will be fun to read and entertaining when you give your presentation!