Welcome to Mr. Winand's Class Wiki

Directions: Students in my social studies classes, and my House, will be using this page. There are links to several pages along the left column of the wiki. Students should post information on the page for the period that they are in. For instance, if you are in my third period class, you should post on the page that says: Period 3. There is also a page for each unit. These will be used for interactive study guides. I will explain how we will use these a little more in class.

Purpose: We will be using this wiki to share information and post assignments for everyone to see. This will be a collaborative forum on which we can have discussions, share interesting ideas, and make connections between history class and the world around us.

The wiki will be used in conjunction with my blog: Classroom Connections

Questions? If you have any questions, make sure that you ask me in class or you can send me an email. My email address is: winandj@mail.muhlsdk12.org

*This link will take you to a great website that features several games that you can use to practice your map skills! Sheppard Software ***